Shaymaa Kamel  

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Shayma Kamel                                                                                      (+2) 01095895850

 Born 1980, Giza, Egypt                                                     


Solo Exhibitions


Feb 2012, Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo, Egypt.

Oct 2011, Bamako Binal , the French Cultural Center, Cairo, Egypt.

Sept 2011, Kunsit Transit artist Gallery, Germany.

Jan 2010,  Knauer Gallery, West Chester University, Pennsylvania: USA,  Faces in Time.

May 2009,  KUNST Gallery, Cairo: Intimacy.

Nov 2008, Saad Zaghloul Cultural Centre, Cairo: Shayma Kamel.

Nov 2007,  Cairo Atelier, Cairo: Chairs.

Nov 2007, Community Services Association, Cairo: Shababek.

Oct 2006, Falaki Gallery, American University in Cairo: Hadouta.

Feb 2004, Cairo Atelier, Cairo: Cat-Mona-Night.


Group Exhibitions


Jan 2010,  Qasr El Nil Street, Hanfaninha Studio Gallery

Sept 2009, Artists with Attitude, Amsterdam: The Beehive Experiment

June 2009, Saad Zaghloul Cultural Centre, Cairo: The Holy Family’s Trip

May 2009, Gallery Lot17, Cairo: Egyptian Female Artists

2009, Palace of Art, Cairo: 18th Youth Salon

June 2008, Saad Zaghloul Cultural Centre, Cairo: Artist’s View

Feb 2008, Gomhouria Theatre, Cairo: Sawa

Feb 2008, Ahmad Shawky Museum, Cairo: Dream

Sept 2007, Mahmoud Mokhtar Cultural Center: Graffiti Exhibition

June 2007, Gallery Grant, Cairo: Tetra logy

2007, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo: Sawa.

2007, Centre of Arts, Athens: A Mediterranean Trilogy of Contemporary Art.

March 2007, Palace of Art, Cairo: 18th Youth Salon.

Feb 2007, Falaki Gallery, American University in Cairo: Fresh Cream- An Exhibition of Recent works by AUC Faculty.

Sept 2006, El-Sawy Culture Wheel, Cairo: Under the Bridge.

March 2006, Ewart Gallery, American University in Cairo: Window Women (Shayma Kamel and Marisa diPaola).

April 2005, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo: Works on Paper.

2004, El-Sawy Culture Wheel, Cairo: Abanous.

Sept 2003, Palace of Art, Cairo: 15th Youth Salon.

2003, El-Sawy Culture Wheel, Cairo: The Women.

2003, Gezira Center of Arts, Cairo: Third Annual Salon of Small Artworks.

2003, One Horizon Gallery, Cairo: second World Exhibition for Art on Porcelain.

2001, Palace of Arts, Cairo Opera House: 27th National Exhibition for Fine Arts.

2001, Alexandria Atelier, Alexandria, and Palace of Arts, Cairo Opera House: Innocent Arts.


Residencies and Projects

April 2010, Artist Talk At the University of the Virgin Island.

Jan 2010, Knauer Gallery, West Chester Uni, USA, Pennsylvania.

Jan 2008, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo: SAWA project Inside Outside on the Walls of Townhouse.

June 2007, Atelier of Alexandria: RAMI Workshop in Body, Movement and Multimedia, in cooperation with SHAMS (Beirut), ZINC/ECM (Marseille) and ASTAR (Milan) *Participant.

May 2007, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo: collaborative project Souk El Goma’a.

April 2007, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo: Save the Children (Sweden) animation training workshop *Participant.

April 2007, Jesuits’ & Brothers’ Association for Development, Training of teachers; dolls and recycle workshop *Director.

March 2007, Atlantis Books, Santorini: artist’s residency.

April 2005, Goethe Institute, Cairo: toy-making workshop with Mark Schlittger *Participant.

June 2004, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo: experimental drawing workshop *Participant.

2003, Elfostat Ceramic Center, Cairo: Paint on Porcelain, Four-month workshop with Dr.Samia Zada.


Workshops for Children

April 2010, St Croix,Pint Workshop, Author, Richard Middle School, Virgin Island.

2009, Sri Lanka, Paint yourself Workshop with Orphans Children-Colompo.

June 2009, Catholic Relief Services and Club K, Cairo: Art Workshops for refugee children *Director.

Aug 2008, Rawabet Theatre, Cairo: painting, puppet making and theatre workshop with the Al-Shehab institution for Comprehensive Development *Organizer and Director.

July 2008, Saida Zeinab Cultural Garden, Cairo: painting workshop for the annual Street Children Day organized by the Development Support Centre and UNICEF *Director.

June 2008,  Rawabet Theatre, Cairo: UNICEF interactive workshop for street children *Director.

2007,  Embaba in cooperation with UNICEF: art teacher with street children in Cairo.

2007, Cairo to Camps project, Jordan: Palestinian children Mixed media and recycling workshop *Director.

July 2007, VSA arts and Townhouse Gallery: workshop for kids with disabilities *director.

2006, Somali children’s book-making workshop *Director.

2005 & 2006, Children’s art workshops for World Refugee Day in association with the AUC Student Action for  Refugees and Townhouse Gallery, Cairo *Organizer and Director.

2005, Art classes for Sudanese Development Initiative Summer camp *Director.

2005, SODO Organization: art teacher for Somali children.

2004, Art classes for Sudanese Development Initiative Summer camp *Director.


July 2007, Roberto Cimetta Fund: individual travel grant for Residency at Atlantis Books,Santorini.


May 21 2009, The Egyptian Gazette, page 8: Life is Good at the Kunst, review and interview by Youssra El-Sharkawy.

June 24 2008,  Daily News Egypt: Snapshots of a Different Childhood, article on UNICEF workshop at Townhouse Gallery by Marie-Helene Rousseau.

May 2004, Memory Book, paintings in book for children affected By HIV, SUDIA Organization and Egyptian  Hope Village, Cairo.


2002, BA Psychology, Ain Shams University, Cairo.


Related Experience

2006 – 2009, Gallery Assistant and Coordinator at Falaki Gallery and Sharjah Art Gallery, American University in Cairo.

2006, Organizer of exhibition by refugee artists for World Refugee Day at the American University in Cairo.

2005, Psycho-social Consultant and Trainer in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Impact Mitigation among refugees in Greater Cairo for the Sudanese Development Initiative.

2003 – 2005, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo: Outreach Workshop Program organizer.

2003, Gezira Art Centre, Cairo: Assistant for artist Jamal Ezz.